Brief biographies of our Executive Team

Chester Harris

Chief Executive

Chester's 20 years of experience in international investment banking, specializing in global securitization, structured and leveraged finance. Managed Markets for number of Giant Companies in most parts of the globe for 9 years leading the origination, structuring and distribution of innovative structured credit products in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, followed by a period in New York, Chester spent 6 years at JPMorgan Chase where he is the Head of Marketing, responsible for building productive relationships with major institutional investors in Europe and the Middle East.

Michael Finch CPA, CMA, MSc.

Executive Director – Business Development

Michael's extensive experience in finance have been proven by our clients first hand to be successful, previously handled risk managing $1.8bn of our client's loan assets during his tenure with the Biggest Banks in United States. Michael specialized in working with investors mostly Chinese since the early 1990’s, allowing him to access an expanded networks for corporate finance and M&A transactions. He helps his clients in setting up structured lending pools and investment funds and advises them on originations, delinquency management, risk policies, and other lending related strategies.

Caitlin Moore, CFA

Executive Director – Capital Markets

Caitlin is a financial analyst with a background in research, corporate finance and servicing institutional clients. Caitlin’s previous experience in research positions on portfolio analysis and quantitative analysis of gold exploration and mining companies in Alaska, Fire Creek, Borealis, Bald Mountain and even in some parts of Asia. She was formerly registered with an exempt market dealer where she developed the issuer due diligence protocols and sourced strategic investors for public and private companies. She assists clients in structuring their offerings to efficiently access compatible capital while looking over the regulatory compliance for Texas Capital Advisors Inc..