Mergers & Acquisitions

Texas Capital Advisors Inc. services cover a customised merger and acquisition consulting team which operates globally utilising a systematic approach and providing solutions for private equity investment potentials to the whole community of investors in Alternatives.

Bridge Road Capital Management assists firm buyers and private equity investors over the whole M&A process cycle, starting with strategy design to choosing the right collaboratorv and also in conjuction with implementation under due diligence to completing the transaction. The whole integration procedure or likewise through a divestiture, we apply our professional team to manage your negotiating and merger requirements, always keeping the goal of creating value for every client.

Our consistent success has provided us trustful and satisfied clients within the finance industry. Whether we deal with public or private investors, we have provided the greatest attainable potential quality of service. We always aim to do the right thing for our clients.

The various facets of experience our professional team brings consistently provide top quality service to the financial industry. We assist companies over a vast field of industry choices, assess finance methods, risks and issues of corporate deals, from goal appraisals evaluation to due diligence work concerning risks, assets and liabilities, to complete merger procedures. Our firm is founded on truth, integrity, and respect. We maintain a lofty standard of professional service.

With our long track record in M&A consulting services, our clients can find assurance in the certainty of achieving increased market confidence.


Texas Capital Advisors Inc. offers clients a vast selection of issues without regard to industry sector whatsoever. We collaborate closely with firms from the inception to the completion stage to acquire a full comprehension and familiarity with our clients’ operation. Through this process, we can manage each crucial obstacle or issue, pinpointing the highest value potentials and enhance their businesses.

Our expertise has been acquired through many years of involvement in creating solutions for the most complex, essential problems. Our direct engagement approach assures our clients of sustainable competitive edge over other companies. We search out means above and beyond commonplace solutions to produce creative strategies, involve relevant firms and improve the competence of firms. Throughout our long history of experience, we have acquired the expertise to provide our clients with what they aspire for with the best we have to offer.

Our industry reach covers the following sectors:

  • Advertising

  • Automotive

  • Aviation

  • Banking

  • Finance

  • Insurance

  • IT

  • Management Consulting

  • Manufacturing

  • Media

  • Medical

  • Petroleum

  • Property Development

  • Services

  • Telecommunications

  • Others

Our business function range covers the following areas:

  • Banking

  • Finance

  • General Management

  • Information Technology

  • Research and Development

  • Sales

  • Others